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leadership development

How to be a manager

Effective Managers are those who know how to get the best out of their teams, and still be effective individual performers. Some people take to the manager role easier than others. Minimise the risk by investing in your new and potential managers by providing them with the knowledge, confidence and support required to be a great manager of people.

Executive Coaching

It can be lonely at the top and often the teams around you will not provide you with adequate questioning and challenge. You may also value input and support in how to be the best leader you can be, or how to manage a significant change in your business. Executive Coaching provides that 1:1 independent support and challenge.

Leadership Development

Good leadership is when people want to follow you and your organisation’s senior team. How do you determine if you are a good leader, what are you good at and how could you be even better? What is the current best practice from the world’s leading organisations and thinkers? Become a more confident and effective leader by undertaking a Leadership Development Programme, bespoke to your organisation’s requirements both now and for the future.

Team effectiveness workshops

Teams who understand each other and the roles they play perform more effectively, and proactively manage system and people problems before they become big issues. Team effectiveness workshops are designed and delivered to specifically address the unique challenges and opportunities in your Company. These workshops are proven to provide successful outcomes for both well established and newly formed teams.

High Performer to Leader

In today’s ever increasingly competitive marketplace for talent, you will want to ensure that you are providing appropriate development opportunities for your High Performers and Leaders of the future. This can be through bespoke development and training activities, or by coming together with other high performers both inside your organisation or from the wider business community.

Bespoke Learning and Development Solutions

Prospero People can design and deliver bespoke learning and development activities to support your requirements. Recent activities have included topics such as time management, delegation, performance management and managing the recruitment process.

Our people are our most important asset. Since engaging Yvonne and Prospero People to lead our HR function, supporting the firm’s management in this area, our levels of engagement with the team have improved significantly and feedback from the team has recognised the huge improvement made with Yvonne’s advice and support. She has done for us in HR what we try to deliver to our clients in the field of tax.

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Partner, Robertson Craig

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