Self Awareness

Understanding what makes you tick, where your strengths are and where you could develop skills and competence for both personal and career development. The use of psychometrics and 1:1 coaching can provide valuable insight and conversation.

Career Development

If you’re planning your next career move or have been recently promoted, creating a personal development plan will support these transitions. Build on your strengths and develop the areas you’re not so confident in through training, coaching and mentoring.

Leading Others

To lead others we need to start by knowing ourselves. The move from individual expert to motivating and managing others often requires a whole new skill set and approach, and many people find this challenging. Creating a leadership development programme allows you to up-skill and gain knowledge in how to be the most effective leader you can be, in a proactive and supportive environment.


Coaching allows you breathing and thinking space away from the busy-ness of your daily working life. A coach creates this space for you by focusing solely on what you want to talk about, asking the right questions and constructively challenging your thought processes along with helping you take action to implement change and try new ways of working.

Yvonne is an amazing person with a wonderful gift of bringing clarity and insight into people and culture. We have benefited so much over the years from the time she has spent with us. If you want to benefit, as we did I would genuinely recommend you get in touch with Yvonne.

Peter Gallanagh - Regional CEO, Azets

with us

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